As India forges ahead to make significant strides in Mining Industry, only high-tech equipment ensures an even more sustainably acting mining industry.

Our Infrastructure is capable for producing high level productivity with the help of high-tech equipments ensure

Technology Standards
Production Standard
Operator Protective Standards

We are well equipped with high-end equipments like excavators, Compressor, Wagon Driller, Tractor, Tippers, Rock-Breaker, etc. for high productive & scientific operation in all mine locations.

With technical reliability of our equipments for high productivity right from Land Clearing to Top Soil Removal to Drilling & Blasting to Overburden Removal to Mineral Mining Processes.

Weigh Bridge:
Weighment of minerals produced is an important function both from production and sales perspective. We have our own weigh bridges installed at all our mines site and Central Stock Yard points. We would take utmost care towards weighing of the material during our sales to all our customers as we are committed for our quality material and quantity as well.
The centralized stock yards are equipped with labs, to do quality analysis of the products / minerals. The preliminary analysis ensures, enough research is carried out to assure on the grade of the minerals, sold.
Third Party Quality Check:
As our continuous endeavor to have a quality product for our customer base, we may go for joint analysis of the products to ensure the requisite quality. Our aim is to have a transparent system of selling our products taking the confidence of our customer base as a key deliverables.
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